Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit - NH - 2016

Please join us for Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit's second trip to New Hampshire!  For 2016, Grandmaster Wong will be teaching a wonderful selection of Shaolin Kungfu and Chi Kung courses, from beginner to highly advanced.  


Courses will be held at:

Concord Community Arts Center

40 Thorndike Street

Concord, NH 03301


Course information below.

Cosmos Palm - October 27th & 28th

Cosmos Palm is a very advanced art from Shaolin Kungfu.  For those outside of the Shaolin Wahnam lineage, or those unfamiliar with Cosmos Palm, the art is similar to the much more common art of Iron Palm.  However, there is a significant difference.  While Iron Palm training uses an external approach to focus on developing a tough, hardened exterior to the surface of the palms, for the sole intent of increased striking force in combat, Shaolin Cosmos Palm training uses an internal approach.  


Rather than external training like striking sand bags, the training for Cosmos Palm is internal.  Specific techniques, and most importantly specific skills, are used to increase the energy flow in the hands, consolidate energy (internal force) in the hands, and express the internal force through the plams - by physical contact or even across a distance!  The internal training leaves the hands supple, rather than turning them into hardened hammers.  The course will focus on the Shaolin Kungfu (combat) aspects of developing and using Cosmos Palm.  However, due to its internal nature and expression, Cosmos Palm is also excellent for healing work/modalities and would benefit any therapist.  


There are no specific training prerequistes for attending this course, but anyone wishing to participate must have learned directly from Grandmaster Wong (or another Shaolin Wahnam instructor) and have some background in martial arts training (Shaolin Kungfu, Tai Chi Chuan, etc.).  This course is not for beginners!


This course will be taught in four sessions over two days - Thursday and Friday, October 27th and 28th.  The morning session will begin promptly at 9:00am and the afternoon session will begin promptly at 3:00pm.  Each session will run approximately 3 hours.  


Register for this course, and others, below.

Generating Energy Flow - October 29th

This is the foundational course for the Shaolin Wahnam Institute, and is required for attending other courses taught by Grandmaster Wong.  But make no mistake, this is not a boring, beginners-only course!


During the course participants will be taught a fundamental understanding of genuine Chi Kung (what it is, how it works, etc.) and Grandmaster Wong will personally transmit the skill of generating an energy flow within the body strong enough to express itself outwardly through physical movment - a skill known as Flowing Breeze, Swaying Willows.  


Being able to generate flowing energy in the body is the basic, fundamental skill of ALL Chi Kung.  Without this skill, it is not Chi Kung!  Daily practice of the techniques and skills taught in the course alone, will provide any dedicated student with the ability to attain a master's level of Chi Kung skill.


This course will be taught the morning of Saturday, October 29th.  The course will begin promptly at 9:00am and run approximately 3 hours.  


There are no prerequisites for this course.  Register for this course, and others, below.

18 Jewels - October 29th & 30th

18 Jewels is a collection of Chi Kung patterns originally developed and compiled by Grandmaster Wong as therapeudic execises to meet expedient needs of his students.  While genuine Chi Kung is a wholistic practice (it effects the entire person, and not just parts/specific areas), certain patterns, postures, and skills can help to focus the effects to provide the practitioner with specific benefits.  


Those who have learned the 18 Jewels will be equipped with a full quiver of Chi Kung patterns and skills for just about any area of the body or ailment!  Neck stiffness, sore back, knee injury, etc.  After learning the 18 Jewels, you'll know exactly which pattern to choose for your desired effect.  And due to the wholistic effect of genuine Chi Kung, you will also receive benefit to your entire person (physical, energetic, and spiritual) while you focus on your target area!


The collection of 18 Jewels is as follows:


1.  Double Dragons

2.  Fish Flip

3.  Dancing Fairy

4.. Swinging Hips

5.  Bear Walk

6.  Immortal Takes off Shoes

7.  Dragonfly Plays with Water

8.  White Crane Steps on Snow

9.  Drumming Kidneys


10.  Touching Toes

11.  Old Man Rows Boat

12.  Shaking Fingers

13.  Rocking Feet

14.  Kicking Legs

15.  Hula Hoop

16.  General Surveys Field

17.  Dancing Butterfly

18.  Embracing Buddha


This course will be taught in two parts, A and B.  Each will be treated as an individual course.  Participants may register for one, either, or both courses.  Part A will be taught on Saturday, October 29th, beginning promptly at 3:00pm, and running for approximately 3 hours.  Part B will be taught on Sunday, October 30th, beginning promptly at 9:00am, and running for approximately 3 hours.


Generating Energy Flow is a prerequisite for these courses.  Register for these courses, and others, below.

Cosmic Shower - October 30th

There is an abundance of energy all around us.  And it's free!  Learn to tap energy directly from the Cosmos!!


This is high level Chi Kung.  In this course, Grandmaster Wong will personally transmit the skills necessary for each practitioner to experience the flow of energy directly from the cosmos.  This is actually a natural process, and something that human beings do every day.  However, this course will amplify the skill, experience, and result.


The course is called Cosmic Shower for a reason - you will actually be able to feel the energy running down, over, and through your body - just like a shower of pure, clean energy.  Use this skil to increase your energy flow, build internal force, and wash away blockages for total health.


This course will be taught on Sunday, October 30th, beginning promptly at 3:00pm, running approximately 3 hours.


Generating Energy Flow is a prerequisite for attending this course.  Register for this course, and others, below.

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Toronto, Canada - Nov. 4th - 6th -

St. Petersburg, FL - Nov. 11th - 14th -

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